My Drawing Tools Explained

Happy Saturday guys :) Today I've decided to show you my go-to drawing tools. I was in-boxed this question a few times and I thought I will just put it into a post :) Hope you find this post useful!

1) Winsor & Newton Black drawing ink - to be used with a dip pen (nr 8). Whenever I want to add a ‘traditional feel’ and a natural texture to my line drawing I use a black ink & dip pen. It’s also great if you like your line to vary in thickness.

2) Rotring Tikky Graphic fine liners. These babies are my go-to when I don't feel like experimenting or spending too much time on a piece. These are great for sketching and drawing final works; very easy to use, however, their ink is not as black as -> 'number 6'.

3) Faber-Castell Polychromos colour pencils. I usually use these for sketching and drawing little colour roughs.

4) Putty Rubber. They last super long and easily erase any unwanted pencil marks. I also put them (I have two) underneath the long side of my Wacom tablet - it's easier for me to draw when the working surface is bent a little bit towards me.

5) Ipad Pro, I think this is the smallest one there is, I don't remember the inch specification but it does the job.

6) Rotring Isograph pens. I looove using these guys, the quality of the line they draw it's amazing, super black and very precise. On the other side, you need to keep refilling them with ink and when you stop using pens for a while, the ink inside the nib tends to dry up and sometimes it might take you a while to make them work.

7) Wacom Intuos Pro medium; it's about six years old and I love it very much.

8) Dip pen, to use with ink (1).

9) A mechanical pencil, 2B. I got it in a cool stationery shop in Vietnam and it was love at first line hehe.

10) Although I don't need to use glasses anymore (I had laser eye correction surgery last year), I bought this pair from Amazon to protect my sight from the blue light coming from the computer screen. Since I started wearing them when I work on longer projects I stopped having migraines, which was the main reason I bought them for. On the minus side, you need to be careful when working with colours, as they make everything slightly yellow-tinted.

11) A paper tape. Holds any piece of paper secured to the underneath surface and doesn't cause damage to your drawing once it's taken off.

12) A steel(?) ruler. It doesn't get chipped when you need to trim something using a cutting blade.

13) Fabriano A4 Artist Paper Pack (160gsm). I love drawing on this paper, it has a slight texture to it and has a creamy colour. Somehow It's hard for me to draw on surfaces that are either too white or too yellow.

14) A piece of a wooden board, which I use as a drawing stand.

15) A cutting mat. It permanently stays on my desk so it's easier for me to get "crafty" whenever I feel like. I got mine from Amazon.

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